Announcing MashMeTV Themes!

We use to say that MashMeTV is all about sharing… and we mean it… but think about it… in real life it’s not the same sharing something with your family on your couch,  with your girlfriend in a nice restaurant or with your boss in the office.

The real-life places we choose to share are as important as what we are going to share, that’s why, today we announce MashMeTV themes so you could completely change your rooms depending on the situation, nice right?

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MashMeTV Winner at the “Ono Meeting Point” Barcelona

On May 17th we were on of the selected startups at the third “Ono Meeting Point” taking place in Barcelona.

We got again the chance to pith MashMeTV to assistants and investors finally taking first place thanks to the votes of the jury and the social networks watching the stream (thanks everyone for the great support!).

Take a look to our pitch:

By winning we got three free months of the services of Social Media Factory, great! right?

MashMeTV winner at #CICD 2012

victor sanchez MashMeTV winner at #CICD 2012

Last month MashMeTV got the chance to pitch at #CICD 2012.

Ten finalists were selected amongst about 100 projects to pitch to assistants and a board of investors and experts. It was an incredible chance to get to know other very interesting projects. Some of them really caught our eye like pickate (an improved doodle that will change the way we organize events forever) or yaysi (based on the chance or getting products cheaper than ever).

Finally those were the three recognized projects:

1- MashMeTV (yeiii!)

2- YaySi

3- Pickate

Additionally an special award to entrepreneurial spirit was given to Workmunity.

Take a look to the links: Interview to MashMeTV’s CEO, MashMeTV Winner, Startup Competition ranking.


MashMeTV pitching at Betabeers Madrid

Thanks to the great @MiquelCamps MashMeTV had the chance to present for the very first time at betabeers Madrid.

It was our first presentation with public and it was an amazing experience that we wanted to share with you, take a look at the video 🙂


Hello World

It’s a pleasure for me as CEO of MashMe.TV to start the official blog of the company.

In this little corner of the web we will share with you our adventures, news and updates of the process behind MashMe.TV

I hope you will find this adventure interesting.