Announcing MashMeTV Themes!

We use to say that MashMeTV is all about sharing… and we mean it… but think about it… in real life it’s not the same sharing something with your family on your couch,  with your girlfriend in a nice restaurant or with your boss in the office.

The real-life places we choose to share are as important as what we are going to share, that’s why, today we announce MashMeTV themes so you could completely change your rooms depending on the situation, nice right?

In order to do that you will use the “Theme picker” in your room hall by clicking on the magic wand: small wand Announcing MashMeTV Themes!

Select a theme and a wallpaper for your theme:

picker 300x198 Announcing MashMeTV Themes!

Now your hall will be looking amazing… something like that:

hall1 300x161 Announcing MashMeTV Themes!

And your rooms fancy like this:

warhol1 300x161 Announcing MashMeTV Themes!

But even more than that, in a few weeks we will be offering premium more elaborated themes for you to purchase under the “premium” tab.

Which theme would like to see? What’s your favorite free theme?

Comment below 🙂

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