Vídeos para compartir en MashmeTV

En LaVanguardia.com han hecho una fantástica recopilación de vídeos que queremos compartir con todos vosotros. Los vídeos son realmente interesantes, quizás algunos los hayáis visto, hemos seleccionado los que nos han parecido más interesantes y curiosos para que los podáis compartir y comentar con los vuestros en MashmeTV. (more…)

MashMeTV Winner at the “Ono Meeting Point” Barcelona

On May 17th we were on of the selected startups at the third “Ono Meeting Point” taking place in Barcelona.

We got again the chance to pith MashMeTV to assistants and investors finally taking first place thanks to the votes of the jury and the social networks watching the stream (thanks everyone for the great support!).

Take a look to our pitch:

By winning we got three free months of the services of Social Media Factory, great! right?

MashMeTV pitching at Betabeers Madrid

Thanks to the great @MiquelCamps MashMeTV had the chance to present for the very first time at betabeers Madrid.

It was our first presentation with public and it was an amazing experience that we wanted to share with you, take a look at the video 🙂